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The MindPHIT Coaching Program

Who's it for............Its for those that are

- Lost In life, Depressed, Unfit, Unmotivated.......Can't do it alone.

- Low in confidence, Overweight, Low Self Esteem, Poor Body Image 

- Confused with which training methods to use for the best results

- Need help and education around nutrition.

If you answered yes to multiples of the above it's time to take action and fill out the form ASAP



I’m a huge believer in accountability therefore you’ll be held accountable for your actions checking in multiple times per week.

Remember you have committed to change & I am committed to helping you see it through no matter what happens. 

Please be prepared to wake up or go to bed earlier than usual if necessary so you can move closer towards your goals.


State changes

I’ll expect you to get into a higher state of consciousness each morning by changing your physiology through a variety of different methods which we will discus in detail and persoanlise fopr your situation.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this basic discipline makes to the way you think, feel & approach each day.


Setting you up for success often requires a small set of improved daily habits & behaviors which over time compound into huge transformations / wins.

It's imperative that we build a solid foundation and do not rush creating overwhelm 

work on craeting a weekly set of daily behaviors  decide on a nutrition protocol that works for you and will stick to it 100% each day unless told to do otherwise. There may be times that we have to adjust depending on results so stay flexible.

On the 12 weeks you’ll be able to contact at Monday - Saturday via whatsapp and we will have regular calls / zooms scheduled to reflect on progress / keep you on track.



Not all clients are taken on - ethically I don’t work with everyone, it’s important to make sure that both myself and my clients are aligned to ensure a positive forward thinking and in most cases a longer term relationship is built.


At the end day I want the best possible results for you so it will take complete compliance, honesty and trust.



(Please let me know if you play or participate in any regular sports, martial arts or anything alike so it can be factored in)

Choose from

-Home body weight workouts 


-Gym plan 

Or potentially a hybrid of all of the above 

This is your plan so it’s important to make it work for you not against you with future and habit building in mind.



My preferred methods may seem unorthodox & different to anything you have experienced before.

It’s all about developing the mind essentially, the  body will follow suit once we get the correct habits nailed.

I prefer generally where applicable using higher rep ranges that allow a constant mind muscle connection and improved blood flow. 

Higher reps are generally safer and build resilience pushing through pain to create a strong resolve that can be utilised mentally outside of the gym environment.


Transferable Resilience 

Building resilience in the gym or through fitness is something I’m extremely passionate about.

Once developed through repetition it can be directly transferred into many aspects of your life, finance & business.


These sessions are not all designed to push you to your limits physically, mentally and emotionally as this doesn’t create the best results long term. If I ask you to rest and take a day off please do so. It’s important to know when to back off, take a rest, recover and keep that ego in check.


We will commit 100% creating a mind that is strong, contentious and avoid destructive behaviours.

We aim to be solution focused instead of exercise orientated as many people use exercise to mask how they feel & over do this too. We need to learn and understand what we actually ‘need’ and sometimes that is a day off believe it or not.



Creating daily habits and behavioural shifts is a long term plan that will lead to positive life changes all around. The 90 days are about maximum results which often means it will not be fully sustainable. We will then move onto a much more relaxed lifestyle plan if you wish to do so of course, which I highly recommend to keep the results attained during the program.


It’s time to find out what has been holding you back , what limiting beliefs you have, what your purpose is, your goals & upmost desires? 

How can we move forward, what ‘can’ we do should always be the question.



Your positive intentions 

Prior to starting will have a consultation call to gain a better understanding of where you are currently and what you are looking to achieve.

You will then fill out a questionnaire prior to our first Zoom call and program set up making sure you are happy with the the plan.

We must understand your positive intentions during coaching & long term future goals.




"For things to change, YOU have to change. For things to get better YOU have to get better. For things to improve, YOU have to improve. When you grow, EVERYTHING in your life grows with you."

Jim Rohn

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