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Lee Knevett

Yes I would recommend the SOS 1million%, from the workouts the structure the ethics behind it the intuitive eating method, the amazing support not only from Ben but from the amazing community

Natalie Jackson

I would highly recommend The system of strength to anyone and everyone. It’s an absolutely amazing group of people.... Ben’s commitment, enthusiasm and ambition is contagious....

Sarah Jayne Cave

Since we starting working together, I have made some really big and bold business decisions, I am financially much better off and I am now so much more focused on my fitness, nutritional and

Emma Loveday
“It has transformed my life”

Natasha Mehmet
”I don’t just have one bad day and let it continue, I bounce back and realise I’m strong enough to do it!”

Claire Chart
“ben is not your average PT”

Jules Duckett-Brown
”I love everything that goes on with the System of Strength”

Darlene Blewett
”When I did my first challenge, I thought, this is something different; and it’s the first thing I’ve ever stuck to”

Cassie Sheridan
“The community group has been incredible”

Oli Zico

I joined the System Of Strength in September 2018 because I wanted to get fit, I was 36 and was slow, overweight and sluggish. I’d tried to get in shape before, but never had a good knowledge of food and really needed to be told what to eat and when to eat it.

I’m 38 now and in the best shape of my life. The SOS is not just a weight loss challenge, it focuses on self care and positive mindset, my whole attitude towards keeping fit and eating clean has changed. It’s now my lifestyle rather than a chore I can’t be bothered with.

I’ve lost two and a half stone over two years, and I’ve learned so much about myself along the way.

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